Illustration that tells a story

What makes David unique is that he happens to be a story teller that is also an illustrator. Along with winning several awards as a screenwriter, he is represented as a writer by Circle of Confusion Management. What David brings to the table as an illustrator is a keen understanding of what visual aspects can communicate ideas, express mood, evoke emotion, and with his writing skills, tell an interesting story.

David has helped other story tellers visualize their creative voice: Randall Wallace (Braveheart), John Swanbeck (The Big Kahuna), and John Logan (The Aviator), to name a few.

At a very young age David gravitated to illustration as a form of storytelling. A huge fan of comic books, he would often create his own stories and illustrate them. This led to his fascination with film, which, as we know, is pictures in motion. David enrolled in the film program at The University of Miami, which included formal training in screenwriting. After graduating David worked in post-production. During this time he began freelancing as an illustrator as well as honing his craft as a screenwriter.

In 2006 David's screenplay, Control; Alt; Delete , won grand prize in Script P.I.M.P. and The Hollywood Nexus Screenwriting Competitions, as well placed in the Quarterfinals of the Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting. Now, along with illustrating, David is a professional screenwriter.

David's vision as an illustrator is to utilize his versitile skills to help others visualize their own ideas and concepts, all in the pursuit of telling their story.

David resides in Los Angeles, California with his wife and daughter.